I’m Ready, What Now?

If there’s one thing we’ve spent a ton of time researching, it’s where do you START when you’re ready to transition? So we did the work and put together a small list to help you get started:

  • Call your local family planning center. If you visit Planned Parenthood, you can enter your city, state, and/or zip code and they will point you to nearest clinic. Their site is great and even shows you what specific services each clinic offers! So user friendly.
  • If you don’t have a therapist, please please please get one. (your local family planning clinic should have a list of gender affirming therapists in your area, ask for a copy!). We’ve found therapists to be so beneficial through this process, it helps both you and your partner work through all the emotions involved in this process, and can help your or your partner process any dysphoria you/they may be having. Remember to keep communication open in your relationship, that is a huge piece to this!
  • Gather your support team. The people who love you, will be there for you. Having friends and/or family you can lean on during this transition will help you immensely. Join support groups! Your therapist may be able to point you to some in your community, and if you’re not into that type of thing, I recommend joining Facebook groups even just to read others stories as you may find that you can relate to a lot of them.

Lastly, and I’m sure you’ve already been doing this, BUT.. do tons and tons… and tons of research. I’ll attach some articles that we’ve found extremely helpful:

  • Family Planning Open Door Transgender Health Services: Click Here
  • Transition Roadmap from UCSF: Click Here
  • What Do I Need to Know About Transitioning? Planned Parenthood: Click Here


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