12 LGBTQ+ TikTokers To Follow

Tik Tok has been taken over by the LGBTQ+ community! It’s amazing and I love my “For You” page these days. SO, below you’ll find some mine and Emily’s favorite 12 LGBTQ+ TikTokers!

1. @antoniiogarza


what are y’all gonna be for halloween? 😌🙈🎃

♬ original sound – Xin

I love Antonio and her makeup looks blow us away! She is also hilarious!

2. @kelly_cadigan

Kelly is fierce and sassy! She never lets the haters get to her and even claps back often. We’re here for it!

3. @lkbphotogrophy_

This power couple is so amazing. Their mysterious content really drags you in!

4. @jamescharles



♬ original sound – unhappyblues

Do I even have to explain this one? Who doesn’t love James Charles?! His makeup looks and sassy queen attitude is so on point!

5. @yazdemand


I’m so hot (featuring no hormones)

♬ WAP – Hi

Yaz is simply a trans goddess! She is so cute!

6. @stelluhb


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the t girl fairy

♬ Audio by revxelio on Instagram – Saikizu

Stella is also a favorite because of her oh-so sassy personality. She snaps back at the haters and is confident as hell!

7. @claire_training

Claire is a super inspiring lesbian mum and personal trainer!

8. @howardjohnson_

Howard has the spunky fun personality you need on your for you page! He’s also a great dancer!

9. @starr_mcqueen_


POV: You’re just minding your business but you caught my attention 👀 #fyp #explore

♬ original sound – Starr McQueen

Star_mqueen_ is funny and gorgeous, all in one. Its so amazing!

10. @danaistrans


When @brennenbeckwith third wheels on Halloween

♬ original sound – LIL LANES

Dana is a blacksmith, her videos are so fun to watch!

11. @hanzzz.a


i ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends😭🧐 @sarahbarrios #swerve #lgbtq bet y’all never expected a hana & Sarah thirst trap..

♬ Swervin (feat. 6ix9ine) – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

She is absolutely adorable and inspiring, love seeing her on my fyp!

12. @austin_maguire


It has been a longgg journey & it’s nowhere near over but I’m happy to be here now #trans #transgirl #theyshe

♬ Follow Kologuy – Kologuy

I’ve had so much fun watching her progress, amazing! Its so fun to watch people find themselves, and then get to see them blossom as their true self!