5 Cheap Amazon Wigs That Actually Look Amazing!

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Yes, cheap Amazon wig that actually look amazing! Its 2020 and I heard that wigs are “in” right now. So let me show you some adorable wigs that look amazing, and wont break the bank either!

1. K’ryssma Gray Ombre Synthetic Lace Front Wig. -$47.77

The first thing you’ll notice is all of these wigs are K’ryssma wigs. Why? Simple. They’re awesome, and super affordable! This wig is one of my favorites, ombré is super cute and this wig makes you feel like you’re living that 2008 silver hair life you always wanted. Jokes aside, this wig fits great! The hair is 22″ long, you can easily customize the hair line, and it’s not super shiny like some synthetics, I was pretty impressed! This wig is also heat resistant! Love it!

2. K’ryssma Blonde Ombre Synthetic Wig – $35.99

Love this long bob! Again, not super shiny, so it doesn’t even look synthetic! Heat resistant up to 300 degrees, adjustable straps, and soft! We’re trending with ombre, lets mix it up shall we?

3. K’ryssma Purple Lace Front Synthetic Wig – $38.99

For those days when you are FEELIN’ yourself. 24″ of wavy purple locks. This wig is thicker, which is nice because it makes it style-able! Heat resistant to 300 degrees. Soft and easy to wear with adjustable straps. This wig also comes in Brown, Orange-Pink, and Blonde.

4. K’ryssma Copper Lace Front Synthetic Wig – $48.88

For my copper goddesses!!! Ugh, I love this wig and really wish I looked great in copper! Cute, natural part. Soft, customizable hairline, heat resistant up to 320 degrees, adjustable straps, and 26″ long!

5. K’ryssma Brown Ombre Lace Front Synthetic Wig – $46.99

And we’ll finish this off with a cute “natural look” wig! Wavy, soft hair measuring 18″ long, adjustable straps, customizable hairline, and heat resistant up to 320 degrees!

12 LGBTQ+ TikTokers To Follow

Tik Tok has been taken over by the LGBTQ+ community! It’s amazing and I love my “For You” page these days. SO, below you’ll find some mine and Emily’s favorite 12 LGBTQ+ TikTokers!

1. @antoniiogarza


what are y’all gonna be for halloween? 😌🙈🎃

♬ original sound – Xin

I love Antonio and her makeup looks blow us away! She is also hilarious!

2. @kelly_cadigan

Kelly is fierce and sassy! She never lets the haters get to her and even claps back often. We’re here for it!

3. @lkbphotogrophy_

This power couple is so amazing. Their mysterious content really drags you in!

4. @jamescharles



♬ original sound – unhappyblues

Do I even have to explain this one? Who doesn’t love James Charles?! His makeup looks and sassy queen attitude is so on point!

5. @yazdemand


I’m so hot (featuring no hormones)

♬ WAP – Hi

Yaz is simply a trans goddess! She is so cute!

6. @stelluhb


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the t girl fairy

♬ Audio by revxelio on Instagram – Saikizu

Stella is also a favorite because of her oh-so sassy personality. She snaps back at the haters and is confident as hell!

7. @claire_training

Claire is a super inspiring lesbian mum and personal trainer!

8. @howardjohnson_

Howard has the spunky fun personality you need on your for you page! He’s also a great dancer!

9. @starr_mcqueen_


POV: You’re just minding your business but you caught my attention 👀 #fyp #explore

♬ original sound – Starr McQueen

Star_mqueen_ is funny and gorgeous, all in one. Its so amazing!

10. @danaistrans


When @brennenbeckwith third wheels on Halloween

♬ original sound – LIL LANES

Dana is a blacksmith, her videos are so fun to watch!

11. @hanzzz.a


i ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends😭🧐 @sarahbarrios #swerve #lgbtq bet y’all never expected a hana & Sarah thirst trap..

♬ Swervin (feat. 6ix9ine) – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

She is absolutely adorable and inspiring, love seeing her on my fyp!

12. @austin_maguire


It has been a longgg journey & it’s nowhere near over but I’m happy to be here now #trans #transgirl #theyshe

♬ Follow Kologuy – Kologuy

I’ve had so much fun watching her progress, amazing! Its so fun to watch people find themselves, and then get to see them blossom as their true self!